August 17th, 2020

Q&A With Joe Bellenzeni, Operations Manager - Millwork Division

“I do whatever it takes to get a job done”

As Operations Manager for Clemens Construction Company’s Millwork Division, Joe Bellenzeni works with his team to take projects from drawing to delivery. Since its inception two years ago, the millshop has produced high-end millwork for multi-family, student living, higher education and retail projects, among many others. Prior to joining Clemens Construction Company, Joe spent 30 years working as a carpenter, machine room foreman and general foreman.

Tell me about your role as the manager of Clemens Construction Company’s millshop?
My job is to take a millwork project from drawing to delivery. I coordinate schedules with PMs and supers, break down drawings, do the field measurements, take off materials, assign task in the shop and run the machine room in the shop. I do whatever it takes to get a job done.

What are the benefits of self-performance?
Self-performance seems to allow communication of information to flow more efficiently and makes coordination between key players less complicated. It allows quick response to changes and various other needs on a jobsite.

How does self-performance impact safety and quality?
Self-performance simply allows us to have more control of a job. Coordinated planning causes less movement of material and finished goods. Knowing exactly when goods are needed onsite keeps sites less cluttered and results in less damage and accidents.

What is the day-to-day like in the Clemens Construction Company millshop?
We strive to have an enjoyable workplace where proper flow and proven systems hopefully alleviate much of the usual workplace tension. We know we must be flexible and react to changes without frustration.

What new innovations have come about since you started running the Millwork Division? What are you currently working to achieve?
There are always innovations in technology in respect to machinery. We use the latest technology where feasible. However, quality has never been an innovation. It is our standard and state of mind.

What is the most rewarding part of your job? 
Hearing about a client’s positive reaction to a finished millwork project and knowing we were under budget.

How do you inspire your colleagues? 
I try to lead by example. I know no other way other than doing a job the right way. I take great pride in doing whatever it takes to get a job done right. I want anyone who works at Clemens to feel the same.

Which Clemens Construction Company project has been your favorite? 
My favorite Clemens job so far was Solana Waldwick. We were challenged to do a high-end millwork package on a really tight budget. The millwork looks great and we managed to stay under budget.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned while working managing the Millwork Division?
Two important lessons I have learned here are first, we must be flexible. Situations constantly change and we must be able to change direction at a moment’s notice. Second, I’ve learned how great it is to work at a company that offers so much support on so many levels.