Lush Beauty + Spa

Lush Spa

1525 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA



Lush Cosmetics


Beacon Architectural Associates



Construction Type

Retail / Renovation & Fit-out


4,000 sf

The first LUSH Store & Spa in the US, this project required the fit-out of two-story building in a high-traffic, tight urban setting with exterior and interior design in accordance with LUSH corporate standards.

Two phases required: Phase 1 to build ground floor retail space and Phase 2 to build 2nd floor spa while store was operational. First phase lasted four weeks, consisted of re-structuring layout, design and fixtures to match client’s European design.  Once store was complete and open, work moved to vacant second floor. After the demolition of partition walls, two full bathrooms and five spa treatment rooms were constructed with high-end plumbing, individual HVAC controls and surround sound music.