Drexel College of Nursing & Health Professions

1601 Cherry St, Philadelphia, PA



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100,000 sf

Multi-phased, full renovation of occupied, operational tenant space. Work was performed on eight floors, exceeding100,000 SF in total.

Continuous, close communication with ownership was maintained to carefully coordinate work schedule with personnel relocation schedule. Weekly meetings, incremental deadlines and multiple TCO inspections by L&I enabled a precise sequence of department team relocations to temporary workspace and then back again upon phase completion. Exacting schedule was followed to eliminate any chance of delay to the project, which would disrupt employee workspace and jeopardize operations.

All precautions were taken to minimize disturbance to employees and daily operations. Noise was minimized with temporary partition walls and careful scheduling of the noisiest work for early morning hours, completed prior to start of workday.

Varying dramatically from floor to floor, the scope of work included demolition and construction of new floor plans housing offices and meeting rooms. Installation of all new ceilings, lighting, millwork, glass walls, and finishes were also required on most floors, whereas two floors only required isolated renovations to specific rooms and corridors.

Drexel School of Nursing
Drexel School of Nursing